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Updated: July 2002

Sumitomo/Ku Refuse Gasification and Melting Plant

1. Outline of Equipment

This is for municipal solid waste gasification and melting system with high efficiency of heat recovery generating electricity, reducing and recycling of residue and avoiding air pollution. This system has two confidential equipment, fluidized gasification incinerator-which is introduced from Krupp Uhde, Germany and rotary kiln melting furnace. Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. has operated evidence test for 116 days and received "Certificate of technology" from Japan Waste Research Foundation in January 2001.

2. Characteristics

1) Confidential system
Fluidized gasification incinerator system has been operated in Europe and got superior estimation. Rotary kiln melting furnace system is adopted and operated at 9 plants in Europe and 7 in Japan.
By the two secure technique this system can treat waste stably.
2) High efficiency of generating electricity
Pyrolysis gas is generated by waste gasification and this gas is available for energy of pre-drying waste, melting char and generating superheated steam. This pyrolysis gas is already removed dust and hydrogen chloride, so superheater is free from corrosion.
3) Homogeneous slag/Adaptable for incombustible refuse
Rotary kiln melting furnace has a big slag pool and residue is stayed for a while in this pool, so residue is melted completely.
This kiln can dispose not only waste residue, but ash from another plant and shredded solid waste at the same time.

3. Performance

At the pretreatment equipment waste is shredded and dried for the purpose of safety operation of gasification. The heat source of drying is pyrolysis gas.
The gasification equipment is consisted of waste feeder, fluidized gasification incinerator and refuse separator. In the incinerator char itself resulted from waste is medium of fluidization so medium separator system is not required which is essential in another fludized system.
Most of char accompanied with pyrolysis gas is caught at hot cyclone collector and returned to incinerator, and gasificated again. So the rate of gasification is high. Upper side of gasification incinerator is controlled at 800ºC and little tar is contained in this gas. Moreover, the gas is cooled at boiler and passed through bag house, in this time dust and hydrogen chloride is removed and after this treatment the gas can be available to energy source in the plant. Metal included in char is separated.
Into the rotary kiln char (bottom ash and fly ash) is thrown and melted at 1300ºC. Then char is changed to slag and discharged.
Exhausted gas is cleaned by air pollution control equipment and density of dioxin is below 0.01ng-TEQ/m3N .

4. Adaptable field

For not only municipal solid waste, but ash from another plant and shredded solid waste.

Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.
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